FARGO DTC1000 with iCLASS/MF/DESF&Contact Smart Card Enc.5121

Single-sided card printer with a encoder iCLASS / MIFARE / DESFire smart card encoder OK 5121-1 years warranty

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Code: 47002
FARGO HDP5000 (2008), Single-Side Printing

Plastic card printer technology to print directly over the edge of the card - 1 year warranty

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Code: 89000
FARGO HDP5000 (2008) Dual-Sided Card Printer

Printer plastic cards FARGO HDP5000 - Dual-Sided, allows you to print both sides of a card in one process.

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Code: 89003
FARGO HDP5000 (2008), Dual-Sided Printer, Dual-Side Lamination, iCl/MF/DF&CS encoder

Retransfer card printer with encoding options that meet the high demands for quality printing of smart cards. 1 year warranty

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Code: 89058
FARGO DTC400e single-side printer

The printer is DTC400e Fargo plastic card printers with technology for direct printing to the edge of the card - 1 year warranty

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FARGO DTC1000M single-sided monochrome printer with Ethernet internal print server

Monochrome single-sided printer with Ethernet for personalization and printing of plastic cards - one year warranty

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Primera 053422 Cyan ink tank for LX900e

Cyan ink tank Primera 053422 for LX900e Color Label Printers

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Code: 53334
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